With much appreciation

I want to thank all the people who made my exploration week in Israel both memorable and inspirational:
At Beit Issie in Ra’anana – Linda Tovar who gave me a tour and made me feel immediately comfortable; Dara Marcus, Development Coordinator, who set up my visit; and Benjy Maor, Director of International Resource & Development, who took the time to greet me and give me a brief history of Beit Issie.
At Aleh in Jerusalem – Dov Hirth, Marketing & Development, who not only gave me a tour of Aleh’s facility but inspired me with his personal connection to the children, Kol Hakavod!
At Shalva in Jerusalem – Batsheva Lipschitz, Diretcor of Overseas Programs, who gave me a tour Shalva’s bright and colorful center that was bustling with activity; and Shai, Music Director, who gave me a lot of great advice and a special performance from his Shalva band.
At CJP Haifa-Boston Connections in Haifa – Jenny Zel, Missions & Projects, who allowed me to volunteer, with college students from the Boston area, in the painting of a mural on the outside wall of a local kindergarten.
Finally, I would like to thank Gann Academy for giving me the permission to set up my own Exploration week and to Howard Blas, director of the Tikvah program at Camp Ramah New England, for suggesting programs for me to visit in Israel. Look for more posts from me after April 3rd!
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More inspiration found in Israel

I decided to come to Israel instead of visiting special needs programs locally because Israel has been the “pioneer” in creating programs for people with disabilities. Families from all over the world move to Israel in order for their children to benefit from their special needs programs. The programs that I visited in Israel each have a very unique quality that I want to include in the program I am developing in Boston; to provide therapy programs for people with special needs, to integrate them into the community and, in the process, to change the image of special needs. In addition, once my dance therapy program is up and running, I would like for there to be a connection between the students in my program and the students in the programs that I visited in Israel. Although my visit to Israel was short, it inspired me to continue on my path to create an empowering program for children with special needs in Boston.

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Volunteering with CJP


Today I volunteered for CJP to show my appreciation to Barry Shrage and Elizabeth Sternberg for all of their support of my dance therapy program. Along with a group of college students from Boston, we created and painted a mural on the outside wall of a building outside of Haifa for and with the kindergartners. It was great to help them make their outdoor space more beautiful and to give them the opportunity to take part in the fun. Volunteering like this creates a great connection between volunteers and those being impacted. I was honored to be included today and further inspired by the positive impact we are capable of having on each other. This experience will continue to fuel my commitment to create a dance therapy program in the Boston area and to empower others.

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Another eye opening day in Israel

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My first stop today was at an amazing institution in Jerusalem called Aleh (http://www.aleh.org). Aleh provides for an average of 650 people with disabilities everyday, providing living space, life training, and outstanding therapies for everyone who comes to their facilities. What particularly stood out to me about the program was their ability to help the people with even the most extreme disabilities engage in everyday activities and learn life skills. During my tour I saw children of all ages and level of disabilities preparing for Pesach by cleaning dishes, vacuuming, and exercising their senses. I was inspired by what Aleh is doing for their patients, families, and also the integration of the community.
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Many people associate special needs facilities with sadness, but at my second stop today, Shalva (http://www.shalva.org), I witnessed an environment that was bright and full of activity. Our tour started off with a mini performance by the Shalva band and it was awesome. The musicians were having a great time playing beautiful music, singing, and expressing themselves. The music group performs outside Shalva including a performance for Shimon Perez and for the Shalva community, truly amazing! The director of the music club, Shai, spoke with me about the importance of providing students of any art therapy program the opportunity to perform and show off their progress, exactly what I want to provide for children with special needs in Boston. Shalva has created an outstanding and inspirational afterschool program that functions as a support center for families with children who have special needs. They provide a happy environment for the children to learn, grow, and be with their friends and along the way change the image of people with special needs.

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First day of volunteering!

Today I visited the “pioneers” of all inclusion programs in Israel at Beit Issie. Beit Issie aims to fulfill the needs of people with special needs of all ages and backgrounds, change the views of people in the community towards those with disabilities, and conduct research in the effectiveness of programs for people with special needs. It was really amazing for me to hear about where they started, with vision and determination, and how far they have come over the last 32 years. They give me hope for a bright future with the dance therapy program that I want to start in the Boston area.

We started off the day by packaging Pesach gifts for IDF soldiers as a way for Beit Issie to give back. I enjoyed talking with the many women who were also volunteering and come to Beit Issie on a weekly basis to help out. After we were done with our volunteer work, we were given an extensive tour of Beit Issie’s amazing facilities. One especially interesting facility is their Snoozle Room. This room is a therapeutic way for children with special needs to exercise all of their senses in a very relaxed way. The room is white with different types of changing lights, ball pit, water bed, and much more. Of course, Beit Issie is home to many more great facilities and programs that you can read more about on their website at http://www.beitissie.org.il/.

During my tour of Beit Issie what really stood out to me was their drive to have children with special needs included in their communities. They started an initiative of creating parks in Israel that are available to both children with handicaps and children without so that they can play together and make connections starting from a very young age. Beit Issie expanded on their idea of inclusion even more by creating a handicap character, Sivan, that will appear on Sesame Street soon and several of their facilities (i.e., pool and dental office) are open to the Ra’anana community. It was great to connect with a program that has similar goals of integrating people with special needs into the community.

I am now in Jerusalem and will be visiting two more special needs programs tomorrow. Can’t wait to share my experiences with you!

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My first few days in Israel


Shavuah tov from Tel Aviv, Israel! I arrived safely in Israel on Thursday afternoon. Luckily El Al serves delicious food and I got some work done on the plane, but it was nice to stretch out my legs once we landed after the long flight.
Today and yesterday I spent time with my extended family in Tel Aviv that I haven’t seen in several years. It was so nice to see family and to see the area from the point of view of Israelis. While walking around today we came across a dance performance center that I took a picture with (attached). Tomorrow morning I head to Ra’anana to visit Beit Issie (http://www.beitissie.org.il/). Beit Issie is an amazing program that impacts about 30,000 children and adults every year by providing educational and therapeutic services, changing attitudes in the community about people with disabilities, and doing research. I look forward to my visit there tomorrow and can’t wait to tell you all more.

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My introductory blog!

For the last year, I have been working diligently to start a dance therapy program for the campers with special needs at Camp Ramah New England (CRNE) as my way to give back to a community that has become my extended family. With the support of State Representative Kay Khan, Howard Blas (director of CRNE’s Tikvah Program),Rabbi Ed Gelb (CRNE Director), Josh Edleglass (CRNE Assistant Director), and Samantha Chan Ravin (CRNE dance instructor), the dance therapy program almost became a reality. I say almost because the dance therapist that agreed to run the program canceled at the last minute. I did not let this setback derail my goal instead, with the encouragement from my Diller Teen Fellowship program directors, Liana Mitman and Fiona Epstein, I set the bar higher to include dance therapy for children with special needs locally as well. My new program is called CHEETA (Children Helping Empower Each other Through Art) and our goal is to help children with special needs in the Greater Boston area improve their self-esteem with dance, music, and art therapy. Further, I want to empower them with opportunities to perform and raise money for communities that lack funding for the arts.

On December 20th, 2012, I met with Barry Shrage and Elizabeth Sternberg at the Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) office. Barry Shrage is the President of CJP and Elizabeth Sternberg is the director of disability services for CJP; CJP is an organization which brings together Greater Boston’s Jewish community to care for people in need, advocate for Israel and ensure a vibrant, Jewish future. I reached out to Mr. Shrage and Ms. Sternberg to discuss people with special needs and how to further include them in our Jewish community. I especially wanted to talk with them about starting a dance therapy program locally and at Camp Ramah in New England (CRNE).

As part of my journey, I am embarking on a trip to Israel to learn more about art therapy programs that run successfully there. Since my high school, Gann Academy, provides its students the opportunity once a year for one week to “learn outside the classroom” known as Exploration week, I decided to set up my own Exploration week, with the school’s permission of course. I leave to Israel this week where I will be visiting three programs that offer art therapies for children with special needs (I am also spending a day volunteering for CJP in a kindergarten classroom). My hope is that once my dance therapy programs are up and running that the children we help will be as fortunate as those in Israel and one day find a connection to each other.

With the support of Gann Academy and the help of mentors like Mr. Shrage and Ms. Sternberg along with the many other influential people I have met and will meet on this journey, I am confident my dance therapy program is one step closer to reality. I am setting up this blog so that you can follow me on my upcoming journey in Israel and watch my progress when I return. I can’t wait to share my experiences with all of you!

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