My first few days in Israel


Shavuah tov from Tel Aviv, Israel! I arrived safely in Israel on Thursday afternoon. Luckily El Al serves delicious food and I got some work done on the plane, but it was nice to stretch out my legs once we landed after the long flight.
Today and yesterday I spent time with my extended family in Tel Aviv that I haven’t seen in several years. It was so nice to see family and to see the area from the point of view of Israelis. While walking around today we came across a dance performance center that I took a picture with (attached). Tomorrow morning I head to Ra’anana to visit Beit Issie ( Beit Issie is an amazing program that impacts about 30,000 children and adults every year by providing educational and therapeutic services, changing attitudes in the community about people with disabilities, and doing research. I look forward to my visit there tomorrow and can’t wait to tell you all more.

Dance, move, and empower,

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