Volunteering with CJP


Today I volunteered for CJP to show my appreciation to Barry Shrage and Elizabeth Sternberg for all of their support of my dance therapy program. Along with a group of college students from Boston, we created and painted a mural on the outside wall of a building outside of Haifa for and with the kindergartners. It was great to help them make their outdoor space more beautiful and to give them the opportunity to take part in the fun. Volunteering like this creates a great connection between volunteers and those being impacted. I was honored to be included today and further inspired by the positive impact we are capable of having on each other. This experience will continue to fuel my commitment to create a dance therapy program in the Boston area and to empower others.

Dance, move, and empower,


2 thoughts on “Volunteering with CJP

  1. Wow, you sure did a lovely job with the mural today. Your trip has been extremely positive, so great. Love, truly xx

    • Sierra, sheer nachus (joy) is seeing your smiling face, & you sure are standing beautiful & tall as you should be, what you are doing is really beautiful & from your heart. Your warmth, love for what you are doing is so obvious just looking at you. We admire you for your caring ways to make a differnce, kol kavod. With all our love & kvelling from ear to ear, Bubbie & Zaidie. Shalom.

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