dance4empowerment happenings

This morning was Gateways’ first session of the academic year.  Gateways provides high quality special education services for Jewish children with disabilities. The expertise and support at Gateways help the students succeed in a Jewish educational setting and participate in a meaningful Jewish life.  I volunteer one on one with a student at Gateways in activities inspired by Jewish holidays; and, we practice social skills and learn Hebrew in preparation for his bar-mitzvah.  In addition, I am introducing dance4empowerment movement program to Gateways this year!   So, today, as part of this new programming, we used dance as a tool for the students and volunteers to introduce themselves and remember each other’s names.  With dance moves inspired by some of the Fall’s Jewish holidays, students picked a move to match their name for everyone to repeat and dance along to.  It was so great to see how focused the students were when they danced or repeated movements.  This will be dance4empowerment’s first year long program; I look forward to watching the progress and the performance at the end of the year.

The beginning of the academic year also brought about a few more firsts for dance4empowerment.  We were contacted by our first volunteer, an eager dancer who would like to help dance4empowerment as part of her bat-mitzvah project!  dance4empowerment also received its first donation which will be used to purchase supplies for the movement program at Gateways. Please visit dance4empowerment’s new website, , and find out how you can help too.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Please continue to follow dance4empowerment and help spread the word about our program!

Dance, move, and empower,


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