Honored to Receive Channel 7 News’ Class Act!

Last Thursday I was sitting in my biology class working on a lab report when a TV crew came in and started setting up.  Not sure what was going on, I continued to work with my lab partner; the last thing I expected was that our surprise visitors were there for me.  Before I knew it, two reporters from Boston’s Channel 7 News began to explain why they were visiting our classroom. 

The Class Act is a special feature on Channel 7 News that highlights “students who deserve to be recognized for doing something outstanding academically, athletically or for their community”.  To my surprise, they were presenting the award to me!  Gann Academy, my high school, has been extremely supportive of the work I’ve been doing for children with disabilities through dance4empowerment and nominated me for this award.  This recognition is humbling and I am grateful to be part of such a compassionate community. More importantly, the award provides me the opportunity to get the word out about dance4empowerment because, in the end, our goal is to improve the lives of the participants in the program.


The mission of dance4empowerment is to help children with disabilities improve their self-esteem, social integration, and cognitive awareness through dance.  Further, we want to empower them to share their new skills of “creative expression” to raise money for communities that lack funding for inclusive art programs.  Being a recipient of Channel 7’s Class Act award helps me share dance4empowerment’s mission with the greater community and to reach more perspective students.  I feel very fortunate to receive this award because of the affect I know it will have on many future students.

I would like to thank Gann Academy for all their support and to Channel 7 News for featuring dance4empowerment on their program; I will share the date and time that the feature will be airing!


Dance, move, and empower,


6 thoughts on “Honored to Receive Channel 7 News’ Class Act!

  1. Mazel Tov Sierra. What a wonderful acknowledgement of your dedication and hard work. I have a feeling that this award is the first of many to come in your future academic and professional endeavors. Most significant is your passion and love of what you are doing. We look forward to following your milestones along this path. Love The Flams

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