An Inspirational Visit to ALEH with my Family

Today was a very special day for me in Israel. I got to revisit ALEH in Jerusalem and introduce my dad and sister to the inspirational facility I visited with my mum last year. ALEH helps an average of 650 people with disabilities everyday; providing living space, life training, and outstanding therapies for everyone who comes to their facilities. Dov Hirth, Director of International Public Relations at ALEH, has been an incredible mentor for me since we first met about a year ago and he continues to be a humbling source of support every opportunity that he gets.

(Dov Hirth and Sierra Weiss)
I feel so fortunate to have met Dov and I am always inspired by his devotion, passion, and motivation for the disabled community. The smiles he brings to the faces of the ALEH residents in every room we visited was truly touching and I hope to do the same with the students of dance4empowerment as we continue to grow. I am already looking forward to seeing Dov and the rest of the ALEH community again in the near future and I can’t thank them enough for the inspiration they have given me.


Dance, move, and empower,

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