Ma’avar Blog #1

The Hebrew word ma’avar means “transitions,” so it makes sense that the final months of senior year at Gann Academy concludes with a Ma’avar program. The program is designed to give students the opportunity to transition from the classroom to the community and explore their interests until graduation.  I feel very fortunate to have this time to return to two internships I participated in last summer and to devote quality time to dance4empowerment before leaving to college in the Fall.

This week I returned to the Massachusetts State House as an intern for Representative Kay Khan of Newton; Rep. Khan is the House Chair of the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities.  When I interned in Rep. Khan’s office during the summer, I learned so much about government and politics so I am honored to return to her office and learn more. In addition, I consider Rep. Khan a mentor in my volunteer work for people with disabilities as she was one of the first people to help me develop my ideas and goals for dance4empowerment; being back in her office will give me the opportunity to share my progress with her more frequently.

Besides my internship at the State House, I will continue my internship with the Ruderman Family Foundation.  Rep. Khan is actually responsible for introducing me to Mr. Jay Ruderman, President of the Ruderman Family Foundation, because of our shared interest in the inclusion of people with disabilities in Jewish communities. Working with Mr. Ruderman and for his family’s Foundation has been inspirational and has greatly benefitted the development of dance4empowerment.

The final commitment of my Ma’avar project, is the much needed time to work on cementing the dance4empowerment program for next year.  I want to spend time building new relationships with foundations that are willing to host or support dance4empowerment programming, enhancing our marketing and publicity, and expanding the dance4empowerment program throughout the Boston area.

I am really excited for Ma’avar; I am embracing the opportunity the program gives me to continue to learn from local leaders and to focus on dance4empowerment. Please stay connected to my blog as I will be posting on my progress!


Dance, move, and empower,


One thought on “Ma’avar Blog #1

  1. Thank-you Sierra for this nice & meaningful update. We know you will give all of yourself to this special undertaking for children with disabilities. Already, you have accomplished so much, and you are only at the starting point of your special journey. Much success for your efforts, time, & dedication, may the path be a smooth one. With you at the helm we know you will give it your all. Much love, Bubbie & Zaidie.

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