Exciting dance4empowerment Partnership with the Miss Amazing Pageant

I am very excited to share with you that this past weekend dance4empowerment hosted another successful event!
Over the summer, the Boston Celtics hosted their annual celebratory ceremony for all the season’s recipients of the Heroes Among Us awards.  The ceremony was heart warming and it gave me the opportunity to meet so many incredible heroes in our communities.  It was at this event when I met Andrea Nevins, co-Director of the Massachusetts chapter of the Miss Amazing Pageant, which celebrates the abilities of girls and women with disabilities.  Creating a partnership with Andrea’s program was a natural fit and, so, this past Sunday, we hosted our first joint program.
d4e MAM 1
dance4empowerment and the Miss Amazing Pageant offered the women and girls who participated in the pageant an opportunity to dance and go home with a beautiful party dress!  Sivan Elefson, the dance therapist who led the debut dance4empowerment program at Camp Ramah New England, led the dance portion of the pageant for the afternoon.  The girls had a wonderful time dancing together to their favorite songs! Unfortunately I could not watch the program run firsthand because I am at Emory University in Atlanta, GA but both Andrea and Sivan couldn’t wait to tell me that the dance program was a big success. My college schedule is very demanding but I am still motivated to continue expanding dance4empowerment’s reach.
d4e MAP 2
I am honored to have had the opportunity to help create such a fun and empowering program for the Miss Amazing Pageant participants. I want to thank Andrea for all her hard work helping to organize this great event and for running an amazing program. Thank you Sivan for sharing the same passion for dance as I do and for wanting to empower people with disabilities.  I look forward to sharing more exciting programs hosted by dance4empowerment.  If you know an organization or foundation that might be interested in partnering with dance4empowerment, please let us know!
d4e MAM 5
Dance, move, and empower,

3 thoughts on “Exciting dance4empowerment Partnership with the Miss Amazing Pageant

  1. Sierra, once again we are so very proud of you taking the time from your busy schedule to keep up with your passion, Dance 4Empowerment. Your selfless ways & kind heart shine through bright & clear, Much love, bubbie & zaidie.

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