Another Successful Program at Camp Ramah New England!

Two Fridays ago I got the pleasure of seeing Camp Ramah New England’s (CRNE) Tikvah campers perform a dance in front of the entire camp. This is a big deal for any camper as CRNE is a big camp, meaning a large audience, and each age group takes their opportunity to perform very seriously. Although I have joyfully watched the Tikvah campers perform many times while I was a camper at CRNE, this performance was special because it was made possible by my non-profit, dance4empowerment, partnering with CRNE. With the help of returning dance therapist Sivan Elefson, LMHC, R-DMT, this was our second successful dance program at the camp. Two summers ago, CRNE was the first organization to partner with dance4empowerment and hosted our pilot program.


(Photo credits to Howard Blas @howardblas)

Since then, programming has been held in partnership with the Miss Amazing Pageant and briefly at Gateways. Even though I enjoy hearing about the success of all d4e partnerships, it is especially meaningful to me to have programs at CRNE because I am an alumni of the camp. In fact, I was first introduced to people with disabilities, which sparked my passion for inclusion and later dance4empowerment. So, you can only imagine how excited I was when Rabbi Ed Gelb, head of Camp Ramah New England, said the “performance was one of the best I have ever seen Tikvah do.” Moreover, I was delighted to hear that the goals of the program were met when Rabbi Gelb told me that the partnership “provided our Tikvah participants with an enriching and physically active experience.”

d4e CRNE t shirts final

I am so pleased with the results of this year’s program with CRNE and look forward to our continued partnership. It is always inspiring to see a dance4empowerment program in action and to see the hard work I’ve put into creating this vision pay off. I hope you will all keep following me on my journey and watch as dance4empowerment continues to grow!

Dance, move, and empower,