Another Successful Partnership with the Miss Amazing Pageant!

After a long winter break, I am back at school and ready to start blogging more regularly in 2016.


The New Year started with another dance4empowerment program in partnership with the Massachusetts’ Chapter of the Miss Amazing Pageant; and, even more exciting, this year I actually got to attend and participate.  Following our successful partnership last year, we decided to repeat the program but this time opening it up to new and returning participants.


Instructed by outstanding dance therapist Sivan Elefson, LMHC, R-DMT, the Miss Amazing Pageant, and dance4empowerment enjoyed another successful program!  With the help of over 15 volunteers, 13 participants with disabilities danced together and pulled inspiration from aspects of themselves that make them amazing.  The volunteers assisted the participants in making up dance moves and then they shared their unique moves with the group.  After everyone had shared, the group learned each other’s moves and put together a great dance that really portrayed everything that makes these girls amazing.  With excitement, they performed their dance to fun music for their parents.  The dance was truly amazing and was an awesome experience for all the girls! In addition to choreographing their dance, the girls participated in other therapeutic dance activities, including partner and group work using the colorful Octoband!  At the end of the day, the girls picked out beautiful dresses donated to the Miss Amazing Pageant for their upcoming pageant and were thrilled to show them off to us.  It was a wonderful day and another great experience partnering with the Miss Amazing Pageant.  Looking forward to the next one!


Dance, move, and empower,


P.S. For more pictures from the program, click here!